Antonio Vicente

Antonio Vicente initiated his path into the world of footwear in Elche at the age of 23, with “La Casita” becoming his first factory.

The adventure began

In 1989, the first Panama Jack seal was imprinted on a pair of boots. The adventure that you form part of began.

Made in

Now, more than ever, we feel proud to have supported local manufacturing from the very start, using the same workshops and caring in the same way since 1989.

Created to Walk...
Publicity Campaign

1990 saw the first Panama Jack publicity appearing in magazines and newspapers, and we began to sense that enthusiasm for adventure.

For the most exacting footwear customers
Quality and durability

Our products are for the most exacting footwear customers: top-quality materials that last over time and are also infinitely comfortable.

Our Attitude to life
The adventure

Walking with Panama Jacks means being part of the story of people who strive to make their dreams come true and turn their lives into an adventure.

Brand’s hallmark
Panama Boot

Panama boots are the brand’s hallmark, genuinely comfortable, attractive and durable boots. Here, you can see how they are made step by step.

Social support
A fairer world

We help to make the world a fairer place, supporting those who need it most by collaborating year after year with the Un Abrazo de Luz Foundation and the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

The adventure
Journeys, routes and more

We form part of a whole history of expeditions and adventures like the Quetzal Route, the Atapuerca Foundation excavations, anonymous travellers… and everything else still just waiting for us to discover!

Local manufacture

We are proud of our decision to opt for the local manufacture of our entire collection. Made in Spain from day one. Our footwear is timeless, durable, robust and multifunctional.